From Temporary to Permanent

If you’re looking for a way to become a member of the IT industry, what better way than by beginning as a temporary employee?  It’s a great way of learning about the industry and showing employers what you can do, which can lead to a permanent position.  You’ll get to see how the company works without making any long-term commitment, plus you can develop skills and learn new things while doing so. Approvian’s temporary positions provide all of these benefits.

We’ll begin by matching up your goals and talents with the open position for which you’re the best fit. Next, we will use our connections with that employer to recommend you for the position.  You’ll get to work in a trial capacity with the client to see what the job environment is like, while the client will get to see first-hand what you can do and will decide if they want to offer you a permanent position.  Many businesses are now using these contract-to-hire type positions to gain more relevant information about a person before hiring them, so this is a great way of gaining a potential employer’s trust.

What contract-to-hire can do for you:

  • Let you try out a job before committing
  • Give you a better chance at getting hired
  • Give you some hands-on job training and new skills

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