Proposal Staffing

We are a proposal staffing agency, which means we provide qualified proposal contractors who can work on the state or federal level in commercial industries.  Our finely tuned methods are combined with a service that is timely and can supply the resources you need, regardless of whether it’s a single candidate or a full team.

We can quickly add members to your proposal team who have the right skills and talents needed.  Our service is highly responsive and has built-in quality checks to make certain that you always get high quality, trained consultants who have the experience you need.  We maintain the largest database of support personnel and keep your costs as low as possible.

We can provide assistance with all of the following:

Capture Manager
Proposal Manager
Volume Manager
Plans Writer
Resume/Past Performance Writer
Senior Proposal Writer
Technical Editor
Production Personnel
Graphic Artist
Desktop Publisher

Proposal Coordinator
Pricing Personnel
Competitive Pricing Analyst
Price to Win Analyst
Pricing Analyst
Other Talent
EVMS Specialist
IMP & IMS Specialist
Orals Coach
Red Team Personnel
Solutions Architect
Subject Matter Expert

Full-Time Recruiting

Looking for qualified proposal talent to hire full-time? Expand your talent search for top quality employees by gaining access to our experienced talent pool – the largest in the country.  Let us help you build your team by providing you with full-time employees in any industry.  Hire them as contract workers, and if it’s a good match, promote them to permanent employees.

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