Contract Staffing

If you’re in need of contract or temporary staff, Approvian can assist you with either hiring temps or finding contract-to-hire personnel. This program gives you and our candidates a chance to see if the position is the right fit for both of you before making it permanent. If it isn’t, we can find you another interim employee. If it is, then you hire them full-time. If you don’t need another full-time employee, but simply need a little help to get through a busy period, that’s an option as well. We can even assist you with finding an interim CEO, manager, or supervisor.

Why should you hire a contract employee?

  • You have a project that needs to be completed soon.
  • You have specific project needs that your current employees cannot match.
  • You have a long term project, but not enough personnel to complete it.
  • You have employees who have gone on medical leave.

We will do all of the background checks and testing you require.

In addition to helping you find the short-term employees you need, our professional staff will also help you with questions regarding contract workers, including how to handle their payroll, medical coverage, taxes, and more.

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